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Partnership Divorce Solutions

Ever gone through a divorce? They can destroy your life financially if you are not prepared. Don’t forget about Attorney padded-billing post-divorce..you didn’t lose everything.. yet.

Business Partnership Divorce Solutions (before litigation or when going sour)1
Marriage Partnership Divorce Solutions (before litigation or when going sour)2
Attorney fee and legal Malpractice post-partnership divorce Solutions3
Financial planning4
Life/Business coaching to move forward5

Service Category –

Revenge and Harassment

Have you ever dealt with individuals with Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychotic, or borderline personality disorder? Maybe you will get lucky and just have a greedy, or angry partner/ ex-partner. We have solutions to stop the abuse and help you move-on with your life.

Crisis Response to threats1
Blackmail/Extortion/Slander Solutions2
Revenge Porn Solutions3
Stalking Solutions4
Indecent Exposure Crime Solutions5
Personal Computer Forensics6

Service Category –

Deep Search, Computer Forensics and Cyber Security

Not acting to protect yourself because you fear that you cannot prove to others what is happening to you? Fear no-more. Our Data, Deep-search, and active-intel solutions remove this insecurity. By partnering with us, you now have the data you need to gather evidence of THE FACTS and become EMPOWERED.

Vetting Business Partners prophylactically1
Personal Computer Forensics2
Cybersecurity Solutions3
Dark-web Search4
Journalism resources5

I felt sacred, alone, weak and backed into a corner by bullies with more money and experience with criminal behavior. BSS got my confidence back and found solutions my attorneys would not or could not.

— Kaylee McMahon Apartment Queen Investments

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