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Before litigation

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Cybersecurity Specialist Dallas


1- Intro call and NDA signed

2-Live Consultation $150 minimum fee (in- person incurs additional travel expense)

2-Plan and estimation of OVERALL cost ($350 per hour)

3-Onboarding and setting regular meetings

Legal Malpractice Attorney Dallas


Desired outcome identified in consult and plan will be noted. Client MUST share what all data is to be used for.

ANY and ALL liability for misuse of Our resources falls on the client.

NOTE- due to the nature of depending on many third parties in this process, only an estimation of completion time will be shared with client.

Computer Forensics Analyst Dallas


We will update our client on once-weekly intervals of results of each step. We will give recommendations for required actions from the client. Once client has confidentially followed through with each step we will initiate next phases of the plan until desired results are permanently implemented.

Threat intelligence and Deep search


To cause women to no longer fear partners damaging their career and ability to support themselves. This will reduce abuse of power and increase women’s Empowerment to financially support themselves how they see fit.


When injustice or criminal behavior is experienced to keep those bad actors accountable with data EVERY single time. This will cause the long drawn-out process of litigation to shorten, be prevented, become more cost-effective, and produce LASTING results. You can’t hide from big data or Big Sister.



Radical transparency 


Providing Support in situations appearing to be a dead-end due to lack of legal knowledge.

Empowering women who have unlimited potential but limited resources not have to leave their career due to abuse of power.

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